iRobot, the maker of the popular Roomba robot vacuum, wants to develop roving robots which use on-board cameras to map your home and identify what you own.

The intent, according to iRobot CEO Colin Angle, is to construct a map “for tasking a growing team of robots that are in your home.”

“The natural map maker in the home will be a robot — because home is not a static place,” he told Mashable.

After the probe droids surveil your house, the information would be combined with data from other smart devices and shared to other robots, such as your Roomba, which would then know, for example, to avoid your bedroom because your “smart bed” says you’re sleeping.

Journalistic objectivity aside, that’s pretty damn creepy.

I mean, do you really want the government to have a potential way to download a daily 3D map of your home? was caught sharing its DNA genealogy database with the police, so there’ll definitely be concerns that the data gathered by these little Imperial probe droids could also be shared with law enforcement to determine, for example, how many guns you own or if you grow weed.

This is way beyond the 2D telescreen in 1984.

And speaking of telescreens, Samsung admitted last year that its “smart TVs” were capable of recording personal conversations and sending them to third-parties.

“Please be aware that if your spoken words include personal or other sensitive information, that information will be among the data captured and transmitted to a third party through your use of Voice Recognition,” Samsung’s policy states.

The “smart TV” could also log web site visits and had a built-in camera capable of facial recognition.

“I do not doubt that this data is important to providing customized content and convenience, but it is also incredibly personal, constitutionally protected information that should not be for sale to advertisers and should require a warrant for law enforcement to access,” Salon’s Michael Price wrote.

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