Marc Rubin
NY Obama Administration Examiner
March 5, 2010

In a new book Karl Rove claims ( not convincingly) that Bush didn’t mislead the country into war in Iraq and that it was the right decision.

Hoping to rewrite history Rove ignores the fact that ample information existed to show that Iraq did not at the time have WMD, and every UN inspector who had been in Iraq and knew more about WMD, Iraq and Sadaam than everyone in the Bush Administration combined said so.

What the Bush Adminsitration also knew was that their presentation to the UN given by Colin Powell was based, not on accurate intelligence but on a single discredited informant code named Curveball, that German intelligence had warned had already proven to have given false information. They had warned the CIA who in turn had warned the Bush Administration that nothing in his story checked out.

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Nevertheless Bush used this informant’s bogus claims both in the UN presensation and after, that we had to invade Iraq immediately before “the smoking gun turned into a mushroom cloud” . That was a compound lie because not only was there no evidence that Saddaam had any uranium, at all, every intelligence agency told Bush that even if Sadaam had the uranium needed, he was ten years away from have the capability to make a bomb. And yet when it was finally proven after the invasion that Iraq had no WMD, Bush and Cheney placed the blame on “:faulty intelligence” just as they had place the blame in the 911 attack on intelligence failures. The truth that is left out of Rove’s book is that the only intelligence failures in both the 911 attacks and the Iraq war was at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.


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