WASHINGTON, D.C. – Judge Roy Moore supporters argue that retired Marine Colonel Lee Busby’s entry into the Alabama Senate race as a GOP write-in candidate confirms Moore is fighting a Deep State disinformation attack in which both hard-left Democrats that supported Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, as well as the GOP establishment in Washington, want to see him defeated.

Moore’s supporters continue to believe a victory for Moore in the Dec. 12 special election will be a major victory for the Trump movement, after turning back not only a deceitful attack on Moore’s sexual history and a GOP write-in challenger who lacks Trump Train credentials.

Interviewed Wednesday on Fox News by Dana Perino, Busby made it clear he had no specific platform on which he was running, other than the mundane jobs for Alabama, improving infrastructure, and supporting law enforcement, while making sure he commented, in an off-hand manner that was clearly calculated to be disparaging, on the now discredited sexual abuse charges launched by the Deep State against Moore.

“I’m not running based on those allegations,” Busby delivered a pure Democratic-party propaganda scripted non-denial denial, designed to keep the issue in front of voters said, “While I certainly have my own personal and private conclusions about that mess.”

Busby insisted he voted for Ohio Governor John Kasich in the primaries, switching to vote for Trump in the general election.

This unverifiable assertion would make Busby one of only a handful of voters switching to Trump despite being left-leaning enough to back Kasich, the GOP governor who boycotted the GOP nominating convention in his home state out of openly expressed disdain for Trump.

In a brilliantly written opinion piece published last week first in News with Views, and reprinted in Charisma News, Thomas Ertl warned the Christian community in Alabama, “You are being played about Judge Moore.”

Ertl described how the Deep State has resorted to Saul Alinsky tactics designed to target and defame Judge Moore with a classic personal attack aimed to destroy Moore as a man, while not challenging his campaign platform or his political beliefs.

“All of this has been orchestrated by political agents looking to destroy a good man,” Ertl wrote.  “Can you imagine the expense, time and research these men must have gone through to coordinate these attacks on Judge Moore?  We also know from our own biblical history that false witnesses do not come without a cost.”

Ertl correctly argued the real purpose of the attack launched by the Washington Post, now seconded by Busby launching a write-in campaign, was to suppress the Christian vote in the Alabama Senate race.

“These people know the mind of the average Christian and their desire for godly character and public morality,” Ertl stressed. “If they can take the experience of dating younger women and turn it into the perception of an under-age sexual assault, then they would have driven a permanent wedge between Christian voters and their Christian candidate.”

Ertl admonished Christian voters in Alabama to stop being naïve.

“Seek to know how the world works,” Ertl admonished. “You are being played.”

Ertl defined “being played” as follows: “Lied to, set up to be taken advantage of. To be cheated by a setup of actions or circumstances that have been deliberately planned.”

The key to understanding Deep State attacks is that the political left supporting Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton joins forces with the GOP elite congressional leadership in Washington that hates Trump on only one thing.

That one thing involves this understanding: The dark forces embedded in the D.C. power structure are loath to allow any outside light to penetrate the fortified positions from which they have become accustomed to enriching themselves to the determent of the Republic and the disdain of voters foolish enough to trust their well-rehearsed and always repeated campaign lies.

This is why Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan gladly join hands with Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi to plot Judge Moore’s demise.

If a lying, deceitful, decades-old attack on Judge Moore’s virtue fails, the dark forces of McConnell-Ryan-Schumer-Pelosi are happy to pony up for a retired colonel of uncertain political allegiance to enter the fray – if only to divert votes that otherwise would have gone to Moore.

The Deep State’s evil empire never gives up, not even in a losing battle.

In drawing a Biblical reference to explain Moore’s victory in defeating the false accusers brought forth by the Washington Post, Ertl referenced Proverbs 18:17, NASB, “The first one to plead his case seems right until another comes forward and examines him.”

In dealing with the last-ditch write-in campaign, Moore’s supporters are turning to another wise verse, Proverbs 3:32, NASB “For the devious are an abomination to the Lord, but He is intimate with the upright.”

Judge Roy Moore must stand firm, depending upon his faith in God, confident that on December 12, the voters in Alabama will realize that a vote for either Doug Jones or Lee Busby is a vote for the McConnell-Ryan-Schumer-Pelosi Deep State dark castle – a dark castle that has no intention whatsoever of making room in their lives or their hearts for Roy Moore, or for the ever-righteous grace of God and the everlasting light of His Eternal Truth.

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