Sen. Marco Rubio (R., Fla.) told Bill O’Reilly Wednesday the border is not secure, contradicting a recent statement by Harry Reid and past comments from President Obama.

Rubio recalled his conversations with the president about border security from over a year ago, in which the administration told him “The border has never been more secure.”

“Which is true for a handful of the sectors,” Rubio said, “but not for the others, not for the Rio Grande sector, not for other sectors that we’ve seen–the Tucson sector of the border where people are crossing.”

Rubio brought up a speech the president gave several years ago in El Paso, saying, “He mocked people who said we needed more border security by talking about how we would insist on a moat with alligators in it. And of course now we’ve seen that the the border is in fact not secure.”

“I think it is an indictment of all of Washington,” Rubio remarked, “of the failure for more than a decade to deal with a problem that we know exists. Unless you are in favor of the status quo, unless you look at what is happening now and say ‘I think this is working for America,’ you have to be in favor of fixing it.”

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