Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
September 30, 2009

Message from WeAreChange:

About 50 people were scheduled to have preliminary hearings in Municipal Court today, and some were able to have their charges reduced or thrown out in exchange for paying fines or performing community service.

I want to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for helping us raise money for our legal defense fund. Every little bit helps tremendously as we take on the greatest injustice. They can beat us with batons, tear gas, arrest and use all sorts of weapons on us but out continuation to fight for humanity will never stop!

Although the fight is still not over, other WeAreChange members like Danny (nyc), Sam (Ohio) and Phil (Philly) who were also arrested and released from the detention center, will have to go to court. The legal defense funds will go towards them getting a good lawyer and making sure they are taken care of. The money left from the fines and lawyer fees for everyone, will go towards launching a lawsuit. We are not backing down from this fight and have never forgotten our promise to you that we will fight to the very end.

Lee and myself were advised by our lawyer, that the best thing we could have done is taken a plea deal that was equivalent of having a parking ticket. We decided to do so in order to pick our battles wisely and continue our efforts uninterrupted. I would rather pay a parking ticket then waste tremendous amounts of time and energy going back and fourth to Pittsburgh which is an 8hr drive. There are many important things and projects in the works in NYC and I hope everyone understands.

Thank you,
Luke Rudkowski

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