Yitzhak Benhorin
YNet News
Aug 5, 2012

WASHINGTON – While US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta attempted to convince top Israeli politicians and security officials not to launch a strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities during his visit to Israel last week, his predecessor Donald Rumsfeld, seems more prepared for a possible attack.

In an interview with Fox News, the former US Defense Secretary said “the prime minister of Israel, Netanyahu, is probably correct. Sanctions tend not to work very well over a long period of time.”

Rumsfeld, who served as secretary of defense during both the Ford and Bush administrations, told Fox that “Israel’s intelligence on Iran is excellent.” He further denied the claims that an attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities would not yield any results.

“I don’t think that Israel has to destroy all of Iran’s nuclear capability, said Rumsfeld adding that “Iran is a sophisticated country. They must have deeply buried sites. And I’m sure the Israelis know precisely what they currently have.”

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