| June 10, 2008

From the film "Olympia" (1938) by Leni Riefenstahl.

Beginning of the Olympic Games in Berlin, 1936. The torch is carried around the city, gets into the stadium and lits the Olympic flame.

The Nazi Olympics seemingly tipped their hat to quite a bit of occultism. Today, the Chinese Olympics seem not too distant from occultism either– the opening ceremonies will be held on 8/8/2008 at
8:08 PM

Note the fascistic-eagle grasping the five rings and the Hitler-designed five-ring Olympic icon.

Note also the occultism as the Olympic flame melts into the sun (see above), symbolizing, perhaps, man’s pursuit of perfection and godhood– as the Olympics served as a eugenics showcase of mankind’s physical elite to allegedly inspire bringing out the best in man (despite the obvious darkness that came out of that movement).


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