Paul Joseph Watson
Friday, November 21, 2009

Rush Limbaugh Censors Mention Of Prison Planet From His Own Archives 201109top3

Neo-Con talk show host Rush Limbaugh has sensationally censored any mention of Prison from his own transcript archives after he discussed a story we had posted yesterday about Al Gore using Photoshop to insert fake hurricanes into the cover of his new book on global warming.

The original transcript posted on Limbaugh’s website accurately carried the statements he made on his show yesterday, which included the words, “And the website where this is taken place is”

The transcript page also featured an image of Limbaugh with a screenshot of the Prison Planet logo behind him.

However, both the Prison Planet logo and Limbaugh’s mention of the website, owned by Texas radio host Alex Jones, have since been “memory-holed” from the Limbaugh archives.

Rush Limbaugh Censors Mention Of Prison Planet From His Own Archives 201109top4

Limbaugh originally featured a huge link at the top of his website to Prison Planet, but all links have now been deleted from the archives.

In the new version of the transcript, the words, “And the website where this is taken place is,” have been culled, despite the fact Limbaugh clearly said them, as can be verified via the You Tube clip at the bottom of this page.


Any links to the Prison story, which were prominently featured all over Limbaugh’s website, have also been deleted and replaced with a similar story by Newsbusters, a Neo-Con news website.

What caused Limbaugh to order the material removed? Our guess is that he was probably bombarded with e mails from the legions of virulently retarded Neo-Cons that make up the audience of phony right-wing websites like Free Republic, on which all Alex Jones material is aggressively banned.

It’s highly unlikely that Limbaugh ordered his webmaster to link to Prison by mistake, he knows who we are because he’s attacked us on several occasions before. But any hopes that Limbaugh may be abandoning his Neo-Con base and coming across to the Ron Paul/Libertarian perspective appear to be dashed.

As one of our forum members put it, “I knew I was too optimistic to think that Limbaugh may have had a conscience.”

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