Russia is concerned by the media reports on the US plans to ramp up support for the Syrian opposition because the military aid may end up in the hands of the terrorists, the Russian Foreign Ministry said Friday.

“Media reports on the fact that the US Administration is planning to increase its military aid to the ‘right’ militants of the Syrian opposition evoke serious concerns,” according to the statement of the Russian Foreign Ministry.

“We are convinced that the carrying out of such plans leads to a further escalation of the bloodletting conflict in Syria. In addition, chances are high that the weapons delivered to the ‘right militants’ may fall into the hands of terrorists who may use them anywhere in the world, including against their foreign protectors,” the ministry said.

The ministry expressed hope that the parties would agree on a truce in “the last stronghold of government forces in Homs, the al-Waar neighborhood.”

US media earlier cited White House sources claiming that President Barack Obama was about to approve a new aid program to strengthen moderate Syrian rebels.

The civil war in Syria broke out in 2011, following the unrest that swept the Arab world three years ago, known as the Arab Spring.

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