Russia is continuing its crackdown on color revolution NGOs. On Wednesday Interfax reported a media rights organization, the Voronezh-based Center for Media Rights, was fined 300,000 rubles ($6,000) for failing to register as a foreign agent engaged in political activity in the country.

“The law requires any non-governmental organization that receives funding from abroad and engages in vaguely defined political activity to register as a ‘foreign agent’ — a term that dates back to the Soviet era, when it was synonymous with the word ‘spy,’” Reuters reported, insinuating that the move was in keeping with Russia’s totalitarian past.

The center, which has been operating since 1996, says on its website that the group’s “main goal is to assist in the development in Russia of freedom of speech and freedom of expression as a fundamental element of a democratic, lawful state.”

Omitted from the Reuters report is the fact the organization in question is funded by George Soros’ Open Society Institute and is connected to both USAID and NED. All three specialize in color revolution plots to overthrow governments.

“Russia is well aware of the threat posed by NED and other globalist NGOs. In May, the Moscow Conference on International Security, sponsored by the Russian Ministry of Defense, concentrated on the color revolution threat,” I wrote in December.

“There is no doubt that western strategists have been considering instigating a second color revolution in Russia, after the first attempt to meddle in Russian internal affairs failed in the run up to the 2012 presidential elections,” writes Steven MacMillan.

“We see the tragic consequences of the so-called color revolutions and ordeals survived by the peoples of the states that faced these irresponsible experiments of covert and sometimes even… overt interference into their lives,” Vladimir Putin said in a speech before a meeting of the Russian Security Council in November.

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