“The West’s motive is to achieve as much leverage as possible and maintain its hegemony around the world. It share’s nothing with anyone and maintains its wealth by suppressing the 80 percent of the global population living in poverty.”

Ali Bulac / WorldMeets.us | August 22, 2008

The United States is installing a missile defense system in Poland. The agreement was signed on August 20. A radar system for the system has already been installed in the Czech Republic.

At the signing ceremony in Poland, U.S. Secretary of State Rice made an interesting statement of justification. “This is a system that is defensive and is not aimed at anyone,” she said, adding, “This is an agreement … that will establish a missile defense site that will help us to deal with the new threats of the 21st century … from countries like Iran or from North Korea.”

This explanation is neither smart nor convincing. Who is “us”? The U.S. or the NATO countries? The new defense system is targeted at the east and north. For the time being, there is no threat to Eastern Europe or the Balkans. Obviously, the targets are Iran and Russia. Which of the two takes precedence as a target is a matter of ambiguity. It may be Iran or it may just as well be Russia. Iran is one of the countries included in the axis of evil declared by George W. Bush. The others were Syria and North Korea. For now, North Korea has been taken off the list of countries that require immediate attention. Before the crisis broke out in the Caucasus, Syria was about to conclude a deal with Israel – with Turkey acting as mediator. Given recent events, now Syria may be rearranging its position. That Russia has been hosting Syrian President Bashar al-Assad at a time when the crisis is in full bloom, is of course no coincidence. Russia has also has extended a renewed helping hand to Arab countries it has long neglected.

The end of the Cold War has changed many things. In its wake, the Arab world felt defenseless and desperate and the United States, Great Britain and Israel felt free to implement their policies. The Soviet Union is primarily responsible for the current situation in Afghanistan; but if the Soviet Union still existed, the United States and NATO wouldn’t have been able to enter the country so easily. What happened in Iraq needs no explanation. For no good reason, the occupation took the lives of 1 million Muslims. Millions of people were forced to migrate to foreign countries or become refugees in their own land. While all of this was taking place, Russia did nothing. Indeed, after September 11 it declared its support for the United States in its war on terror. The reason for this stance wasn’t to buy time until it regained its strength. The reason of course was the Kremlin’s eagerness to test whether it was possible to maintain hegemony over the region while cooperating with the U.S. Russia soon realized that it wasn’t.

The West’s motive is to achieve as much leverage as possible and maintain its hegemony around the world. It share’s nothing with anyone and maintains its wealth by suppressing the 80 percent of the global population living in poverty.

With experience, Russia realized this reality. It suddenly noticed that while Iran was set as the target, Russia was trapped. Radar systems, missile defense installations and the admission of former Soviet satellite states into NATO were all taken by Russia as initiatives to contain it by the West. With engagements and interests everywhere, Georgia suddenly exposed Israel. Tel Aviv extends military aid to an intolerant and fundamentalist Christian like Mikhail Saakashvili and it trains the Georgian army. There’s no to ponder the connection, since we can observe who Georgia’s neighbors are: Iran and Russia.

The crisis that has erupted in the Caucasus shows that the new order, set up after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, was quite fragile. Remember that papa Bush [George H.W. Bush] said back then that the United States had acted to create a new world order that would last 100 years. Sometimes, international theories, strategic theories, and the unavoidable desire to rule get out of control. The new world order proved has as temporary as any other human desire, because it was based on the motives of maintaining hegemony, exploitation and invasion. In other words, it became apparent that a uni-polar world is impossible. Now it’s time to reconsider many things, including the legend of globalization.

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