An internet hacking collective with possible ties to Russia claims it hacked the NSA and is selling its cutting edge espionage malware to the highest bidder.

The group calls itself ‘The Shadow Brokers” and claims the code includes bits of NSA malware, reported the BBC, referencing file-sharing site Pastebin where the group’s hack first appeared. The NSA uses such malware to spy on network gear on which most government agencies and companies rely to conduct business. The NSA has not confirmed the authenticity of the files the hacking collective released, but experts say they are likely genuine.

“It’ll blow some operations if those haven’t already been blown,” former NSA research scientist and cybersecurity expert Dave Aitel told Foreign Policy. Aitel, now CEO of cybersec company Immunity, believes the sophistication of the cyber attack could only have been carried out by a nation-state, and that Russia is responsible.

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