The official Russian government news agency reports the nation’s military is moving a large number of soldiers and equipment to the Western Military District.

“The General Staff and the Western Military District’s command have been working tightly on determining and specifying the personnel and hardware of the 20th combined army,” a military source told TASS.

“In particular, questions are being decided of complementing the army with units from other military districts and forming more mechanized infantry, armor, artillery, missile, reconnaissance and other brigades.”

The army will be “reformatted” by December 1st in the district that encompasses 2 million square kilometers of airspace and 3,000 kilometers along the border with Europe.

The Russian Air Force and Air Defense Army is armed with Sukhoi Su-34, Su-35S and Su-30MS jets, Kamov Ka-52, Mil Mi-28N, Mi-35, and Mi-MTV5 helicopters, and S-300, S-400 and Pantsir-S air defense systems, according to TASS.

Russia also plans to create a new tank army along the border. It will incorporate the Tamanskaya Mechanized Infantry Division and the Kantemirovskaya Tank Division, as well as the 27th Sevastopolskaya Mechanized Infantry Brigade and the 6th Tank Brigade.

Another tank army will be in place near Moscow by December 1st.

In addition, Russia will create a rapid reaction force of paratroopers that will coordinate with ground troops. According to the General Staff, the airborne troops will increase in size from 45,000 to 60,000.

In June NATO announced it would include around 40,000 troops in its rapid response Spearhead Force stationed in Eastern Europe on the border with Russia.

“The proposal would mark a significant increase in the number of NATO troops in the region, as there were just 4,000 troops there in 2014,” the International Business Times reported.

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