President Vladimir Putin has signed an updated version of Russia’s military doctrine, which highlights expansion of NATO’s military capabilities among main threats to national security, the Kremlin said in a statement on Friday.

“Despite a decreased likelihood of a large-scale war against Russia, some security threats continue to grow,” the revised doctrine says.

According to the text of the revised doctrine, “NATO’s military buildup” and the bloc’s expansion toward the Russian borders are among the main external threats to Russia’s security.

Other external threats include the development and deployment of strategic missile defense systems, the implementation of the ‘global strike’ doctrine, plans to place weapons in space as well as the deployment of high-precision conventional weapons systems.

The doctrine also says the main internal threats are activities aimed at destabilizing the situation in the country, terrorist activities to harm sovereignty and territorial integrity of Russia, as well as actions involving anti-Russian and anti-patriotic propaganda.

Russia’s military doctrine remains purely defensive in nature, the document emphasizes.

Russia’s revised military doctrine for the first time ever named the protection of national interests in the Arctic among the main priorities for its armed forces in times of peace.

The updated section about main objectives for the armed forces and other defense bodies in peaceful time now includes “the protection of national interests of the Russian Federation in the Arctic.”

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