April 24, 2012

Experts from the science and research center of Russia’s Defense Ministry are testing a unique electromagnetic weapon with non-lethal effects, Interfax news agency reported Tuesday.

As the center’s director, Dmitry Soskov said, the weapon would be most effective in local conflicts, where there is no solid frontline. It would also be very useful while suppressing mass riots in cities.

“The new weapon is designed to have non-lethal effects on humans. It has a striking factor in the form of electromagnetic radiation of very high frequency. The directed ray causes intolerable pain,” Soskov said.

The device generates powerful rays which interact with the moisture located in the upper layers of human skin, and penetrates only in a few tenths of a millimeter.

“Any effect on the inner parts of a body is excluded,” Soskov says.

According to him, a person targeted by the device will feel a strong sensation of burning skin, which may lead to heat stress.

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