Scientists at Russia’s National Research Nuclear University MEPhI in Moscow have developed this country’s first handset for smartphones which protects users against concealed tapping. The new solution was presented earlier this summer at Mobile World Congress, one of the world’s largest mobile products shows in Shanghai, China, the Russian news agency RIA Novosti reported.
The researchers at MEPhI’s Engineering Center are said to have come up with a wireless handset that not only wards off covert tapping but also enables secure text communication through a mobile app.
“In our technology, a closed communications channel is created between two handsets, using end-to-end techniques and other mechanisms to make sure hardware-level data protection systems are compatible. Thus the solution addresses the typical vulnerabilities of mobile devices and data transmission networks, and guards against attacks on telecom servers,” the project owners claim.
The MEPhI Engineering Center solution can be used with both Android- and iOS-powered gadgets, they add.
The developers are reportedly in talks now with mobile operators across Russia and with mobile device makers in an effort to commercialize their product.
According to MEPhI Engineering Center CEO Dmitry Mikhailov, “this product is good enough for the BRICS countries [Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa—Editor’s note] which currently pay much attention indeed to information security.”

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