A Russian jet “buzzed” a U.S. Navy spy plane over the Black Sea in a move that U.S. officials described “provocative” and “unsafe.”

The Pentagon told CNN Monday that a Russian Su-30 fighter jet intercepted a P-8A Poseidon plane on Saturday. “The US aircraft was operating in international airspace and did nothing to provoke this Russian behavior,” Lt. Col. Michelle Baldanza, a spokeswoman for the Pentagon, was quoted as saying.

The aircraft crossed in front of the U.S. spy plane in a left-to-right manner while using its afterburners, forcing the Poseidon to enter the Russian plane’s jet wash. An official told Fox that this caused “violent turbulence” for the U.S. plane.

The incident lasted about 24 minutes in all, the official said. Another official added that the Russian Su-30 flew “erratically,” according to a Fox News report.

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