The Russian Navy will receive the first Borei-A class strategic nuclear-powered submarine, Knyaz Vladimir, this month, United Shipbuilding Corporation President Alexey Rakhmanov said on Friday.

“The vessel is on the water. All of the Defence Ministry’s notes have been taken into account and addressed, the ship is ready for the transfer to the Navy. I hope that it will be held this month, April,” Rakhmanov said.

The navy was expected to receive the submarine back in December, but the delivery was postponed to 2020 over technical reasons.

Borei is a 4th generation ballistic missile submarine (SSBN), which carries up to 16 intercontinental ballistic missiles RSM-56 Bulava (NATO reporting name SS-NX-30) with a flight range of up to 9,000 km (around 5,600 miles).

The first Borei submarine, Knyaz Vladimir, was launched on 30 July 2012, during a solemn ceremony attended by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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