Steve Watson
September 12, 2008

A new poll from a major Russian news outlet reveals that 84% believe that the truth behind the 9/11 attacks is being deliberately hidden by the U.S. government.

At time of writing, the poll on the Russia Today website indicates that only 16% of readers feel that the 9/11 Commission report represents the full extent of the evidence as to who carried out the attacks over seven years ago.

The 84% figure mirrors almost exactly that of similar polls conducted in 2006 and 2004.

The poll comes on the heels of a survey conducted across 17 countries by that revealed less than half of those surveyed believe Al-Qaeda was behind 9/11, with a full 15 per cent believing that the terrorist outrage was directly perpetrated by the U.S. government.

A recent New York Times article also covered the fact that it has become conventional wisdom across the middle east that the official 9/11 story is a fraud.

Russia Today, one of Russia’s primary news channels also today features a balanced article and video report documenting the activities of the 9/11 truth movement in New York yesterday.

Watch the report:

We Are Change’s Luke Rudkowski, and Infowars reporter Jason Bermas have joined hundreds of other activists in promoting the 9/11 truth movement and raising awareness and much needed aid for sick first responders on the seventh anniversary of the atrocities. The events in New York continue today.

The 9/11 truth movement has received much attention in Russia throughout the week with Russian State TV today set to broadcast a feature length documentary that questions the official version of events along with a pre-recorded studio debate on the matter.

Up to 30 million Russians will see Giulietto Chiesa’s ZERO, which covers some of the pertinent unanswered questions and inconsistencies surrounding the received reality of 9/11.

The figures that consistently emerge from the now voluminous polls, surveys and reports regarding 9/11 from all over the globe represent a blow to debunkers who have attempted to argue that skepticism towards the official 9/11 story is a radical fringe belief.

In reality, it is now beyond any doubt that a majority of people believe an explanation other than the official story or at least have suspicions about the official version.

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