Russian Foreign Ministry Official Maria Zakharova tore into a CNN international correspondent, telling him to “stop spreading lies and false news” as he hounded her about the latest conspiracy theories regarding Russian ties to the Trump administration.

Chance appeared on CNN to recount his encounter with Zakharova.

“She, and other Russian officials, are not happy at all with the way this political situation is developing in the United States,” he reported. “‘Toxic hysteria’ is what they are calling it – the idea that Russia intervened in some way in the U.S. elections. They’re rejecting that, of course.”

“Specifically, the foreign ministry spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova, pushed back strongly on the idea that the Russian ambassador to the United States, Sergey Kislyak, was in any way related to espionage,” he went on, as CNN cut to footage from the brief, but tense interview.

“Mr. Kislyak is a well-known, world class diplomat, who was a deputy minister of foreign affairs in Russia,” explained Zakharova. “He has communicated with his American colleagues for decades in different fields, and CNN accused him of being a Russian spy, or recruiting spies? My god – stop spreading lies and false news.”

“This is good advice for CNN: Please stop spreading lies and false news,” she indignantly chided Chance before walking away.

Returning to Chance on the live broadcast, he and his hosts all continued to whip the spin machine, implying that it’s suspicious that both the Russian authorities and the Trump administration call CNN ‘liars’ and ‘fake news.’

“Right, ‘stop spreading lies and fake news,’ it’s a refrain that we’ve heard elsewhere, and we’re hearing it now repeatedly, from Russian officials, as well,” concluded Chance.

He reinforced his insinuations via Tweet –

Chance’s opportunity to question Zakharova came immediately after she delivered a weekly briefing in Moscow during which she unabashedly ripped the American mainstream media for lying to the public.

I have a question: is it rock bottom, which the US media has reached, or is there an even greater depth for them to dive?” Zakharova asked. “[The mainstream media] cross the line far beyond the professional ethics and their competence. They accuse and judge by simply fabricating false information.”

The things that the US media affords itself to report are just an attempt at… a total disinformation of the public in America and worldwide,” she added.

Both President Trump and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov have called the baseless frenzy a “witch hunt,” which will likely fuel the inferno being kept alight by the fifth column fourth estate and what remains of their credulous audience.

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