Russia’s newest nuclear powered submarine Alexander Navsky arrived in the Pacific Kamchatka region of Russia Wednesday carrying Bulava nuclear-capable ballistic missiles, according to the Russian news site Tass. The submarine, which is the centerpiece of Moscow’s nuclear deterrent, arrives at its new port during a time of rapid military modernization in the Russian defense forces and a period when the country has renewed its rivalry with the western defense organization NATO.

The submarine, which is in the new Borei-class, made the journey from the Northern Fleet to the port of Vilyuchinsk in the farthest reaches of the country. It will join the Pacific Fleet where its primary job will be to conduct strategic nuclear deterrence patrols in the Pacific Ocean, according to Tass.

Over the last few years Moscow has vowed to modernize what was previously a military consisting of archaic Soviet style hardware built during the Cold War. New extensive investment, expected to be around $400 billion by 2020, has seen Russia launch advanced 5th generation stealth fighters, modern tanks and advanced ships over the last six years. It has also refitted its army with state of the art weaponry and armor.

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