During a Russian TV debate about the recent Trump-Putin meeting, one of the participants spoke at length about how Trump could face the same consequences as JFK because he is “ruining” the “military-financial elites”.

The man in the clip arguing that Trump risks being assassinated by the deep state is Karen Shakhnazarov, a Russian filmmaker, producer and screenwriter who has previously expressed support for Vladimir Putin.

Reacting to the recent Trump-Putin press conference, Shakhnazarov said Trump was “defending his life” when he raised the issue of the Democratic National Committee’s missing servers.

“He’s perfectly aware of what the American system is and how it treats people who oppose the establishment,” said Shakhnazarov, adding, “He’s perfectly familiar with the biography of the Kennedys….it was a matter of life and death for him.”

Shakhnazarov went on to explain that Trump was in a similar position to Gorbachev during perestroika, the fall of Communism, and that Trump “faces the same backlash of elites as Gorbachev did, the only difference being that the Soviet Union was a “well mannered” military-bureacratic establishment, whereas Trump is taking on “military-financial elites”.

“Trump is really ruining America as a global empire, Trump is destroying the U.S. global empire and they can feel it,” said Shakhnazarov, adding that the European establishment is also rocked and that “they realize they will have to leave if the empire collapses.”

He added that Trump represented the majority of Americans who are sick of sending their children to die in pointless wars.

“The war against the political establishment has begun,” said Shakhnazarov, adding that Trump is reinvigorating the economy domestically to “ruin the elites”.

“But the thing is that he has challenged a very powerful system….thus, Trump might face the same consequences as many American politicians when they fought against the elites….”as in John Kennedy’s case,” said Shakhnazarov, referring to JFK’s assassination.

The film maker went on to predict that there would be a further degradation of Russian-American relations “because the controlling elites will deliver more blows to Russia” in the form of sanctions and “hostile actions”.

“We’re entering a very dramatic period in world politics,” added Shakhnazarov, asserting that western elites are facing a “catastrophe” because their new world order is coming apart at the seams and that this could be a good thing or it could end up with “civil war in America”.

Shakhnazarov rhetoric is similar to that of Vladimir Putin himself when the Russian President told his Ministry of Foreign Affairs last week that “powerful forces” within the United States are aggravating tensions between America and Russia at the expense of their own national interests.


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