A Russian television news network, Life News, claims the Ukrainian military is using NATO ordnance in eastern Ukraine.

The report filed last week outside Horlivka, also known as Gorlovka in Russian, in the Donetsk Oblast shows a deputy brigade commander of the Donetsk People’s Republic with remains of a suspected M109 howitzer shell.

The report was aired prior to the arrival of Secretary of State John Kerry in Kiev on Thursday.

The Obama administration is reportedly debating if the United States should directly provide military assistance to the coup government that took power last February.

“I very much incline in that direction because I think we need to support the Ukrainians in defending themselves,” said Ashton Carter, Obama’s nominee for defense secretary.

Carter, a former Goldman Sachs adviser and member of the Council on Foreign Relations, is currently facing Senate confirmation hearings.

Earlier this week, Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, said the humanitarian situation in eastern Ukraine is becoming untenable for millions of people, according to EurActiv, a European Union news agency.

“Corpses lie on the road, nobody takes them away anymore. People have psychosis, they are afraid to leave the cellar. There is no water, electricity or gas… people have no opportunity to prepare meals or wash their children. They’re melting snow to get water to drink,” a refugee from Debaltseve, a city in the Donetsk Oblast, told ABC News on Friday.

According to UN refugee agency, close to a million people in eastern Ukraine have been displaced by the fighting. “Local authorities have begun to evacuate people from conflict areas, but many are still trapped by the fighting, including in basements and buildings under constant bombardment,” UNHCR spokesman Adrian Edwards told journalists in Geneva on Friday.

“Unofficially, the Ukrainian Government acknowledges that its war against its Donbass region is an ethnic-cleansing operation,” writes Eric Zuesse.

“The pro-regime Ukrainian TV station Hromandske TV — which is funded by the U.S. Government, the Dutch Government, and George Soros (via his International Renaissance Foundation or ‘Fund’) —  has reported that the Ukrainian Government is specifically targeting civilians to die in the Donbass region in the former Ukraine’s southeast. It’s being done in order ‘to clean the cities.’”

If the Russian television report on the shelling in Horlivka is true, NATO and the United States are complicit in the targeting and murder of civilians in eastern Ukraine.

The Russian government believes this is the case. Russia's Ambassador to NATO, Aleksandr Grushko, told RT on Friday “there is a bulk of evidence that Western-made arms are being used in Ukraine.”

Russia's Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin accused NATO in July of arming the Ukrainian regime with weapons turned over by eastern European NATO members.

“In turn, the US is ready to compensate for the ‘losses’ of the newly coopted NATO member states. The American military-industrial complex must be happy,” Rogozin tweeted.

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