Kurt Nimmo
December 26, 2013

South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley received a handgun from her husband this Christmas. On the lib blogosphere and news sites, though, this is considered somehow news worthy.

Millions of Americans have received firearms as Christmas gifts present and past. We should all be thankful that, more or less, that part of the Bill of Rights still works. For now.

On social media some of the libs went bonkers. “I will say a prayer for your family” read one message, insinuating that the families of gun owners are at risk when the Second Amendment is practiced.

Democrats believe simply owning a handgun is some kind of political tactic. “Everything is about politics with her. Everything,” state Democratic party director Amanda Loveday tweeted, according to The State.

One lib was so disturbed, she tweeted about the tragedy of South Carolina’s respect for the Second Amendment.

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