The news that a content creator who was demonetized and censored by YouTube snapped and went homicidal at the company’s headquarters points to an ugly systemic problem. YouTube creators have been asking for over a year for YouTube to communicate honestly and fairly with its creators, demanding an explanation for why some channels are demonetized and others with similar content aren’t.

Here’s a recent example: Mandy O’Brien has a popular body language channel on YouTube with over two hundred thousand subscribers. She’s funny and smart and provides good insight into human behavior. While she seems to like Trump, her videos are not terribly political. Most of them center around breaking news stories and reading the unspoken communications given off by interviewees on the news.

Her channel, Bombard’s Body Language, was targeted for deletion by YouTube. It all began after the Parkland school shooting, when O’Brien made a video about the body language of the untouchable David Hogg. The video was deleted by YouTube for “bullying,” but still exists on Vimeo. The strange part is, she is debunking the conspiracy theory that a reporter was telling Hogg what to say.

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