Salon’s Bob Cesca says that Alex Jones’ rants about the media being obsessed with political correctness could lead to gay people being murdered.

In a piece posted yesterday, Cesca accuses Jones of being a “libertarian homophobe” for not fully embracing the recent Supreme Court decision on gay marriage, before directly suggesting that the radio host’s criticism of the left’s fixation with LGBT issues could lead to violent extremists going out and murdering gays and transgenders.

“Seriously speaking, it’s eliminationist rhetoric like this that gets people killed,” writes Cesca.

Cesca is so obsessed with writing hit pieces about Jones’ radio rants that he seems to have morphed into some kind of professional troll. He has dedicated four articles to directly attacking Jones in the last two months alone.

His tone is similar to MSNBC’s 2013 hit piece which all but blamed Jones for the Boston bombings and said the radio host was “getting paid to be racist,” with zero evidence whatsoever. Cesca’s wild claim that anti-gay lunatics are being inspired by Jones to murder members of the LGBT community is also backed up by nothing but hot air.

Cesca’s slavish devotion to the mental disorder known as extreme liberalism has previously drawn criticism from his own ideological allies.

In 2013, Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks said, “There isn’t anything Obama does that [Bob] wouldn’t jump to the immediate, enormous and 110% defense of,” after Cesca defended NSA spying and said Edward Snowden’s revelations were based on “hyperbole” and “anti-government paranoia.”

Cesca’s verbal diarrhea serves to remind us why Salon is a complete laughing stock that is only taken seriously by batshit crazy radical feminists, unhinged social justice warriors and political correctness-obsessed leftists.

Remember this zinger from last month after the Charleston shooting?

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