According to Salon, every white person in America is responsible for the murderous actions of 21-year-old Dylann Storm Roof who shot and killed nine black Christians at a church during a Bible study Wednesday night in Charleston, South Carolina.

Beginning the news day, the leftist and blatantly racist outlet tweeted the following message:

The writer of the article in the link, Chauncey DeVega, asks, “Where are the white fathers? When will white leadership step up?” These questions were posed in obvious retort to similar queries when the violence is at the hands of a black person. DeVega is trying to expose what he calls “our racial double standard” but just ends up showing his own racism.

So far, much of the media has been all over the place trying to identify exactly what took place in this church. Was it terrorism? Was it a hate crime? Or was it an attack against religious liberty? Whatever the motive, DeVega is sure that any and all reporting of it will fall under the “White Racial Frame” — meaning the racism that lurks inside all whites and distorts their perspective.

So with that in mind, DeVega, surely devoid of any bias himself, boldly declares this mass murder — which we can at least all agree was nothing less than evil — to be a “right-wing domestic terrorist assault” committed by a “white domestic terrorist.”

White right-wing domestic terrorism is one of the greatest threats to public safety and security in post 9/11 United States of America. Such a plain-spoken fact is verboten in mainstream American public discourse.

To make his point about corporate media reporting from a “White Racial Frame,” DeVega posed the following suggestions for reporters to use to escape their white privilege:

1. What is radicalizing white men to commit such acts of domestic terrorism and mass shootings? Are Fox News and the right-wing media encouraging violence?

2. Is something wrong with the white family? Why are their sons and men so violent?

3. What should law enforcement and white politicians do about white crime?

4. Is the Charleston mass shooting just one more sign that America needs sensible and reasonable gun control policies?

5. Where are the white fathers in the white home?

6. When will white leadership step up and stop white right-wing domestic terrorism?

7. Is White American culture pathological? Why is White America so violent?

8. Are there appropriate role models for white men and boys? Could better role models and mentoring help to prevent white men and boys from committing mass shootings and being seduced by right-wing domestic terrorism?

White privilege, DeVega alleges, is why only black, brown, Muslim, or Arab people are “subjected to group punishment and demonization” as indicated in the above questions.

DeVega doubles down:

White Americans will not have to look in the mirror and ask, “what does it feel like to be a problem.” In the aftermath of recurring mass shooting events, and right-wing domestic terrorism, it is essential that they start to practice such acts of introspection in the interest of the Common Good.

It is dangerous to let Salon’s racist politicization set the standard for discourse on the Charleston church atrocity. Especially as Conservatives who value all human life, let us not sink to the left’s level and rush to judgment, but strive for unity as Americans and focus on the real issue: the murder of nine innocent people by a drug-addicted, racist individual. Let’s wait for the facts about this outrageous violence to become clear rather than rush to take political advantage of a crisis. Our country cannot afford to let Dylann Roof and the leftist race-baiters like Salon turn this horror into further racial discord.

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