Employees and customers were greeted by a sign reading, “Sam’s Club is closed today,” as stores nationwide shut down unannounced.

The Walmart-owned company announced the closing of 63 stores Thursday, but the message came too late for many employees who were never informed.

Footage shows a group of confused employees and customers in Rochester, New York standing outside of the building wondering what’s going on.

A woman on Facebook also described receiving the news via FedEx.

The decision comes after Walmart released plans to increase wages for many employees to $11 an hour, expand benefits and give out bonuses.

AP reached out for comments from employees who showed up to work and found the store closed.

Twitter users expressed their outrage and pushed Sam’s Club to the top of the trending section, many blaming President Trump for the closures.


Shares in wholesale competitor Costco rose after news of the closures.

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