Larry Hood
October 7, 2010

On Monday, September 27th I was getting prepared to go to one of my three jobs. I received a text at 5:39pm from my mother, who works at Oak Hills lanes along side me, that “Ken (Ken Cobb of Oak Hills Lanes) needs to see you right now about the 9/11 comment. It’s on the news”. I texted back asking if the news crew was there at work. She replied “No. Get over here. It was on the T.V. news. Ken is pissed”.

I finished getting dressed and headed to Oak Hills Lanes and along the way, heard Joe “Pags” of 1200 WOAI and his crew talking about the situation and Ken Cobb’s voice on the radio in my truck. They began asking of the crew member “Polo” what they had seen during their recent visit to Oak Hills and they noted that the projection screens were displaying messages like “9/11 and Gulf something something were inside jobs!”, “The Government is manipulating you through currency” (FIAT Empire), and referring everyone to “some website” that would tell more information about this all ( being the website mentioned which they refused to name on the air). They mentioned that the one they believed was making the statements was a 20-30 year old “Truther Idiot” that was manipulating the crowd even over the PA system of the bowling alley. Pags questioned Ken Cobb if he was in fact aware of these messages. Cobb denied knowing about the messages, that they were unacceptable, and that the person responsible and situation would be handled following a meeting of all staff members working the night of delivery (the prior Saturday night). Pags asked his staff on how they behaved after seeing the messages and how they went about contacting Cobb. They said they left the bowling alley after seeing this all and mentioned a friend of Cobb’s and of whom he is a client of was listening to the show and worked on getting Cobb to call the radio station.

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Joe Pags went on praising Cobb for handling the situation telling him he was a “Stand-up guy”, that anyone listening should visit Oak Hills Lanes, and that he himself would visit in the near future to buy a round of bowling and shake Ken Cobb’s hand.

When I had finally gotten to the bowling center and up into Mr. Cobb’s office, we had a 1 on 1 meeting on the situation. I admitted to supplying the messages to his customers. Cobb said he was shaking he was so angry and that while entitled to my opinions, I would never be allowed to share them with customers. He mentioned he thought it was a personal attack I made on him to financially hurt his business when in fact, I hold him in very high esteem. Hes a very business savvy man who handles himself well in public. This “personal attack” was made right before pointing out that he noticed I was wearing the uniform of another business and assumed the worst. I told him that it was in no way to hurt him nor the very business that pays my bills, but solely to inform the public of the cause and share my views. In fact, I have made trivia prizes, door prizes, signs, and marquee announcements for the customers a majority of the year I have worked at the bowling alley regarding,, and the numerous documentaries I have been armed with over the years. Cobb told me that he had originally wanted to fire me immediately but that he would wait until he was at a calmer state of mind to decide as he was stressed from receiving countless phone calls because of the WOAI broadcast. I thanked him for his decision to think it over, informed him that I love working for his bowling center, and he said that I would definitely not work this current week.

It was after the meeting was adjourned that I began trying to contact “We Are Change: San Antonio” organizer, Mathew Medina for advice on the matter at hand. After conversing back and fourth through text messages, it was decided that I would need to get a copy of the Joe Pags program of the 27th and write an article to for further advice and guidance.

The following day, I was sent a text message from Ken Cobb himself stating that “per our conversation” my employment was terminated effective as of that message. It is since that day, that reports of questions such as “Was that guy an Iranian?”

This my friends is what awaits a true patriot trying to reach out to his fellow Americans. It is a glimpse of what the job market, banks, and mainstream media are willing to do in order to discipline those who stand up against them and their puppet masters. These situations ARE happening in this country and they NEED to be recognized. It is not the American way to punish those who teach and enlighten and to reward those who bow and succumb to tyranny.

Information Warrior, Larry Hood of WAC: SA

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