The shooting at the Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino, California does not fit the pattern of a typical mass shooting and appears to be geared to elicit widespread public outrage.
  • Reports indicate there were three shooters in tactical gear.
  • The suspects escape moments after the shooting in a black SUV.
  • The shooting does not appear to the work be a disgruntled employee.
  • So far there is no motive and the shooting makes no sense.
  • Several days before the shooting there was an active shooter drill held in neighboring Victorville, California.
  • Police are releasing very little information about the shooting, victims, possible suspects and other details.
  • A shooting at a facility for people with developmental disabilities will undoubtedly result in widespread outrage, as did the alleged shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in December, 2012.
  • Like Sandy Hook, the shooting in California will feed into a demand for so-called gun control measures.
  • The shooting occurred hours after House Republicans blocked debate on a bill to prevent people on the government’s no-fly list from exercising their Second Amendment right.
  • There are unconfirmed reports the shooting was carried out by at least one Middle Eastern male, a rumor that feeds into the domestic terror and ISIS narrative.

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