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The rise of false flag events triggers the need for more crisis actors, and this Craigslist ad seems to be looking for just that.

Private defense contractors have been known to routinely be present on the scene during government staged false flag events, often working closely with crisis actors. Five military contractors were confirmed to be on the scene during the Boston bombing, however the mainstream media initially refused to acknowledge their presence.

A report from Washington’s Blog states, “there was a drill at the start of the Boston marathon, many false flag attacks coincide with drills (as a cover story to get logistics in place, and in case someone gets caught.)”

The report links to a press release by the Air National Guard admitting that “Texas and Mass. National Guard members continue to provide support to civil and local authorities in the wake of the West, Texas and Boston Marathon explosions.”

The report also states that in Boston there were “more than 850 National Guard members on duty to assist local authorities with logistics and security.”

For an example of how false flags or staged events can be used to manipulate public opinion using actors, see yesterday’s Infowars article detailing staged massacres in Egypt. Al Jazeera allegedly aired footage of crisis actors staging hoax videos of Muslim Brotherhood protesters suffering faked injuries.
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