Instead of raising taxes, now politically unviable, and instituting service cutbacks, also politically unviable, San Jose, California, will fall back on a tried and true method of government revenue generation.

It intends to prey on small business with a new round of code violation fines. The government has decided to target an especially vulnerable class of victims unable to defend themselves – the sick who use medical marijuana.

It will not go after the sick directly, of course. That would be seen as cruel and heartless. Instead, the San Jose government has decided to target the dispensaries that provide cancer patients and others with medication.

“San Jose could dramatically raise the fines for violating its new cannabis club regulations. The City Council on Tuesday will consider an escalating schedule of fees ranging from $2,500 to $50,000,” San Jose Insider reports. “Currently, a violation costs just $25.”

In California medical marijuana is prescribed for a number of conditions, including cancer, arthritis, AIDS, multiple sclerosis, and other maladies.

Targeting dispensaries for violating often arcane bureaucratic rules and regulations will undoubtedly result in higher prices for thousands of people who use medical marijuana.

The San Jose government is not limiting its latest revenue generation effort to the sick. It plans to raise fines and penalties on folks who either neglect or refuse to get permission from government to run a business. It will target street peddlers, pawnbrokers, message therapists, dance halls, public entertainment, billiard rooms, taxi cab drivers, and other small business owners and operators.

See the text of the resolution here.

It also raises substantially fines for a wide variety of offenses, including noise, public nuisance ($1,000 for the first offense, $5,000 for the third), window tinting and more.

Additionally, the resolution proposes to increase fees for an array of bureaucratic requirements and licenses.

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