David Louie
March 13, 2014

A San Jose police officer has turned himself in after being charged with forcible rape. Geoffrey Graves, 38, has been a cop for six years. The victim is a woman he was sent to protect during a domestic dispute.

Neither the police nor the district attorney’s office is saying where the rape occurred, except that it was a hotel where the victim once worked as a maid. Graves was one of the two officers who responded to a disturbance at the home of the woman and her husband. To resolve the problem, the woman said she would take a room at the hotel for the night. The two officers took her there. However, a police document says while one officer left, graves stayed behind.

“The officer gained information and location of her hotel room and then went up there approximately 15 minutes later and knocked on the door,” Santa Clara County deputy district attorney Carlos Vega said. “Unbeknownst to her, she opened the door. She was asleep, and that’s when he let himself in and forcibly pushed her on the bed.”

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