On Wednesday the Bernie Sanders campaign said it is concerned software giant Microsoft will tamper with caucus election vote tallies in Iowa next week.

Microsoft has partnered with both establishment parties and will provide a “mobile-enabled, cloud-based platform that will facilitate accuracy and efficiency of the reporting process,” according to its website.

Under the new system, each Iowa political party will have their own app available on all mobile and PC platforms, which will support the party’s unique caucus voting process. The reporting apps may be used in every precinct in Iowa by both parties. The results will be securely stored and managed in Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing platform.

“You’d have to ask yourself why they’d want to give something like that away for free,” said Pete D’Alessandro, who is heading up the Sanders campaign in Iowa.

Both the Sanders and Clinton campaigns have built reporting systems based on the Microsoft app.

In addition to taking money in the past from Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan and George Soros, Clinton has connections to Microsoft through Mark Penn, a former top advisor to both Bill and Hilary Clinton. Penn was Hillary’s “pollster, chief strategist and message guru all wrapped into one,” according to Politico. In 2012, he was named Corporate Vice President for Strategic and Special Projects at Microsoft. Penn was behind Microsoft’s award-winning Super Bowl 2014 ad “Empowering Us All” and the corporation’s “Celebrating the Heroic Women of 2013.”

Last September the Clinton Global Initiative used Microsoft’s audience engagement technology Bing Pulse to gauge audience feedback in real-time during CNBC’s interview with President Bill Clinton. The former president also keynoted the Microsoft SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas in March, 2014 and was interviewed by Wired magazine alongside Microsoft founder Bill Gates in 2013.

Establishment Will Pull Out All Stops to Beat Sanders and Trump

The establishment is in disarray over the presidential campaigns of Sanders and Donald Trump.

“With ever-growing hysteria, the Establishment is begging, cajoling and warning American voters not to elect a rogue President from the Right or the Left, neither Donald Trump nor Bernie Sanders, but to accept instead one of the ‘sane’ mainstream options. Yet, the unspoken truth is that the American Establishment has been off its rocker for decades,” writes Robert Parry.

The establishment’s derailment of the Ron Paul campaign demonstrates it will take drastic measures to distort primary results.

Going into Iowa, Ron Paul held a lead over the other Republican candidates. In response the Iowa GOP changed the final vote count to a secret location and results from 8 precincts—including results from colleges in a state where Paul won 48% of the youth vote—put Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum in the lead. Rule changes and similar tactics were used in the early primary states of Nevada and Florida to defeat Paul.

Activist Bev Harris and others have demonstrated how black box voting is used to flip votes and rig the election process. “We now know that the machines that they’re making that count the votes are not secure from tampering. And add to that, we’ve got a situation where everything inside the machines is secret, we’re not allowed the see how they count the votes. So this is not an acceptable situation,” Harris said back in 2003 when the first Diebold electronic voting machines were rolled out.

During the globalist confab in Davos, Switzerland, the elite expressed their consternation at the prospect of a Donald Trump victory. Harvard University’s Niall Ferguson said Trump’s chances “could be over before Super Tuesday,” and that populists never win the presidency, but that the public is “mad as hell” and this is what’s driving the Trump phenomenon.

Meanwhile, the GOP is working to take down Trump, preferably before the primaries.

According to columnist Ann Coulter, the establishment may cook up a scandal that will be floated before the primaries to take the edge off Trump’s commanding lead. “Look for a fake Trump scandal to break—probably from a conservative news outlet—right before the Iowa caucus,” she wrote on January 20.

Despite the frantic effort to derail the Trump campaign—and that of alleged outsider Ted Cruz as well—some believe Hillary Clinton will win the election regardless of Republican challenge or the email scandal and the Benghazi imbroglio. In the end, Democrats will abandon Sanders and line up behind Clinton.

“It doesn’t matter who the Republicans put upHillary will win,” the highly influential CEO of WPP PLC (Wire and Plastic Products), Martin Sorrell, told DC Whispers on January 24.

Fraud at the polls and manipulated poll results in Iowa may help, but in the final wash it will be Hillary because of the fear level of a Republican victory. The Democrat establishment has mastered the art of fear, hysteria and stampeding the rank and file.

The New York Times reports “the Sanders surge is about to hit a wall: the rank and file of the Democratic primary electorate Nearly half of the Democratic primary electorate is moderate or even conservative” and deathly afraid of a Republican victory despite the obvious fact there is little difference between the two sides of a domineering establishment party.

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