Six former Bernie supporters joined together in an attempt to buck their state-mandated vote in an attempt to keep Trump from the White House, but there’s just one problem: They are mandated to vote for Clinton.

The small contingent hails from the states of Washington and Colorado, but both states went to Clinton in the general election Nov. 8. The small group plans to vote against Clinton for the simple reason of instilling doubt in the constitutionally-enshrined institution of the Electoral College.

Instead of pulling votes away from Trump, the group is trying to raise the number of electors who vote in a way other than how they are directed by their respective states. Electors who vote opposite of their mandate are called “faithless objectors,” and the Bernie supporters are trying to reach Trump electors who could be on the fence about supporting the President-elect.

“If you could get eight or 10 Trump electors to vote for someone else … then that would probably get people’s attention,”  political science professor and Electoral College expert at Texas A&M University George Edwards III told Politico. “We haven’t ever had that many faithless electors in one election.”

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