Bernie Sanders may endorse Hillary Clinton next week according to the wife on the former Federal Reserve boss Alan Greenspan:

Diehard progressives insist Sanders would never outright endorse Clinton who is cozy with Wall Street and the financial class.

Sanders did, however, say he would vote for Clinton in order to beat Donald Trump in November.

On Wednesday, The Hill reported:

Sanders has refused to endorse Clinton despite her hold on the nomination but has begun to signal a softening over the past few weeks. He said last month that he’d “in all likelihood” vote for Clinton and acknowledged on multiple occasions that she’d be the party’s nominee despite the continuation of his campaign as the convention approaches.

Charles Campbell, writing for Western Journalism, notes “recently the Clinton campaign laid out a plan for college affordability, something Sanders is very passionate about. Even though Sanders wants higher education free, the two contenders seem to have reached some common ground on this issue.”

The Clinton plan would permit families of four making up to $85,000 a year to enroll tuition-free in public and in-state colleges.

Democrats believe this “bold initiative” may sway a number of Sanders supporters who praised his free goodies campaign rhetoric.

Social media, however, is rife with disappointed Sanders supporters who have declared they will not vote for Hillary Clinton under any circumstances.

Some may even vote for Donald Trump.

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