When Sandra Bland was arrested and placed in Cell 95 of the Waller County Jail, the first friendly voice she heard belonged to Alexandria Pyle, from across the hall.

“She was crying, and I could barely understand her,” recalled Pyle, just released from jail herself Thursday. “I was like, ‘It’s OK, don’t cry. It can’t rain all the time, it will be alright.'”

Pyle was in jail for unpaid traffic tickets. She was in a cell with two other women, while Bland was alone across the hall. Over the next three days, the two women communicated through the rectangular opening of the jail cell doors.

“She, uh showed me scratches, bruises on her wrist and stuff, but we were talking through something this big,” recalled Pyle, her hand making a rectangular gesture. “So I really couldn’t see anything.”

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