June 23, 2012

Justice has been done, for now. But who will pursue the trail of bigger devils? The accusations against hailed coach Jerry Sandusky shocked the world. But now, a jury has found him guilty of 45 of 48 counts related to sexual abuse with children he had promised to help through his organization. He is convicted. His sentence is effectively prison for life. Despite his powerful position and celebrity status, this man’s crimes did not go unpunished.But does this close the Penn State investigation? Now that Sandusky has been thoroughly convicted, guilty of child abuse, will authorities pursue the reports of others involved in a sex ring somehow tied to the university? It will go on for Sandusky, of course, who will appeal the decision. But, the others? The radio station NESN gave a chilling report at the time, clearly raising questions about possible higher-ups connected to this case– a reputed ring of abusers. When accusations popped up at Syracuse University, too, it seemed like a larger scandal was emerging. But that mostly died down. The larger crime was not unearthed.

‘Beloved coach’ Joe Paterno passed away just months after stepping down as coach in the fallout over ‘looking the other way’ in the scandal. Whatever he may have known about the powerful donor types that could have been involved, he will bring this case no further information. It seems the claims that children had been ‘pimped out to rich donors’ seem all but forgotten. Will those people continue their crimes, unstopped and unpunished? Sadly, history shows us a pattern of criminal decadence among many of the most powerful leaders of the world, who assume immunity and only rarely face accountability.

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1989 – Call Boys Took Midnight Tour of the White House

Below is a story linking White House officials with other networks, as detailed in the case made in the Franklin Coverup. This Washington Times article describes one call boy who was only 15.

Invisible Empire Takes on the Occult Tradition of Elite Child Abuse

Jason Bermas’ documentary Invisible Empire, available on DVD at Infowars, follows sex scandals out of Washington to dark claims of occult rituals and patterns of child sex abuse.

Dark Secrets : Inside Bohemian Grove Full Length
Alex Jones sneaks into the Cremation of Care ceremony going on at the Bohemian Grove. Pull back the veil on your secret rulers: they do dark rituals in the dead of night, and run the world by day. Available on DVD with bonus film Order of Death.

Nick Bryant’s “The Franklin Scandal”-Epilogue-04-25-2011-(Part1)

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