The family of a teacher gunned down in the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting have applied to trademark her name in an effort to stop online harassment. Will it help?

It’s hard for Carlee Soto to talk about why she’s trying to trademark her sister’s name. She’d rather just be allowed to grieve and remember the loved one she lost on 14 December, 2012, in Newtown, Connecticut.

Victoria Soto, 27, was killed as she tried to protect her class of first grade students from gunman Adam Lanza. She was one of six teaching staff who died that day, along with 20 students, Lanza’s mother and Lanza himself.

Since Soto’s death the family haven’t just had to contend with their loss. On a daily basis they receive hate-filled messages on social media, from a small group of people who say the fatal shooting spree didn’t really happen.

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