Kurt Nimmo
March 7, 2012

John McCain’s former running mate and establishment Tea Party (insert trademark) darling Sarah Palin has told Fox News she voted for the “under dog” Newt Gingrich on Super Tuesday.

Palin’s explanation is a painful listen. She meanders and struggles to express the reasons she voted for the big government and one-world globalist Gingrich and stumbles through the same old stale anti-Obama talking points. Nothing original or enlightening is offered by the former Alaskan governor and one-time Miss Wasilla. As a communicator, she is on par with George W. Bush.

Establishment RINOs are seriously scraping the bottom of the barrel in their quest to regain the White House. Rick Santorum, voted one of the most corrupt senators in 2006, panders to seriously deluded evangelicals who can’t wait to be raptured – but not before they cheer on an apocalyptic war beginning with an attack on Iran – while Mitt Romney is virtually interchangeable with just about any middle of the road Democrat and is a pioneer in big government health care at gunpoint and an advocate for endless taxation.

One can’t escape the conclusion that the establishment wants Obama in there for another four years. Not even a brokered convention with Palin or Bush Crime figure Jeb Bush stepping up to the podium will convince a preponderance of Americans to vote Republican, not that it especially makes much of a difference.

The agenda remains the same no matter what establishment candidate warms a seat in the Oval Office. The war party rules and the careerist teleprompter readers and corporate fascist grocery clerks in the district of criminals will continue taking orders from the shadow government.

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