Aaron Dykes
January 4, 2012

2008 GOP Presidential running mate Sarah Palin tonight warned the GOP against marginalizing Ron Paul in the wake of his 3rd place Iowa finish. The phrasing is surely a euphemism, with an all-out campaign to black out Ron Paul’s visibility in race coverage, even as he has consistently dominated polls as a first or second place winner in Iowa.

Palin stressed that the party should not ignore the massive following Ron Paul has developed, indicating that the GOP could build on his numbers if it worked with, rather than ostracized, Ron Paul’s Libertarian-leaning, anti-war, fiscally-conservative policies and ideas.

“The GOP had better not marginalize Ron Paul and his supporters after this, because Ron Paul and his supporters understand that a lot of Americans are war-weary, and we are broke,” Palin told Fox News.

Palin continued, “And he has reached these constituencies who are very concerned about the solvency of the U.S., and he has proposed solutions with the austerity measures he’d like to see implemented. So the GOP had better listen to what these Ron Paul supporters are saying– they’d better work with them.”

Indeed, Ron Paul has demonstrated that he can appeal broadly to independents and even Democrats, and has often polled as the ONLY Republican running that can beat Obama.

The warning could signal a strategic move in the party to co-opt a white-washed version of the Ron Paul message, or to even share power to prevent a third-party run that many believe would strengthen an Obama re-election. Ron Paul has denied any plans, intentions or interest in running in a third party, and has shown in Iowa that he can compete well even against harsh criticism of his foreign policy and other areas that scare the establishment.

Instead, as Paul Joseph Watson wrote earlier today, the GOP establishment unleashed a final attack in attempt to subvert a Ron Paul victory:

The host of the show refers to state GOP insiders showing “great concern” that Ron Paul is performing well in Iowa because they fear a Paul win would undermine Iowa’s position as being the first Republican primary. He implies that influential members of the Republican establishment within the state are offering sweetheart deals to prominent voting blocks in key swing districts in order to “sway” the result and ensure Ron Paul doesn’t win.

Then officials in Iowa announced today their move to an undisclosed location and count the votes in secret after threats were issued by the Anonymous collective to tamper with the Iowa caucuses.

As we have previously covered, establishment voices sounded in concert to diminish the importance of Iowa as Ron Paul led polls into the vote– going so far as to pre-script the idea that ‘Iowa doesn’t count if Ron Paul wins,’ as Fox News’ Chris Wallace put it. “If Ron Paul wins Iowa, we just take it out,” Politico’s chief columnist Roger Simon bluntly stated last month.

You can guarantee that the media will find significance in Iowa now that Santorum and Romney reached a virtual tie, with Mitt narrowly edging ahead with a conspicuous 14 votes for a win.

Yet, when Mitt Romney was polling in second behind Ron Paul, Iowa Governor Terry Branstad spouted that “People are going to look at who comes in second and who comes in third,” going on to say that, ““If [Mitt] Romney comes in a strong second, it definitely helps him going into New Hampshire and the other states.” These comments, issued in concert with the others ready to dismiss Iowa and Ron Paul alike, “were taken to mean that Republicans should “ignore” Ron Paul,” as Paul Joseph Watson wrote, citing Politico’s Jonathan Martin and Alexander Burns.

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