Democrats would be in Washington DC negotiating a compromise instead of partying in Puerto Rico if they cared about federal workers not receiving pay due to the government shutdown, said White House press secretary Sarah Sanders.

“Democrats in Congress are so alarmed about federal workers not getting paid they’re partying on the beach instead of negotiating a compromise to reopen the government and secure the border,” Sanders tweeted Sunday.

Democrats were quick to decry furloughed workers’ pay as the partial government shutdown became the longest in history, but dozens of Democrat lawmakers jetted off to Puerto Rico with family members and lobbyists instead of remaining in Washington to address the issue.

Meanwhile, President Trump, who is still at the White House trying to find a solution for the American people, also criticized Democrats for “having fun” instead of negotiating a deal to end the shutdown.

“I’m in the White House, waiting. The Democrats are everywhere but Washington as people await their pay. They are having fun and not even talking!” he tweeted.

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