Hollywood “comedian” Sarah Silverman attacked Christians for thinking they “will recognize Jesus” when he returns to earth in the Second Coming.

“You think you will recognize Jesus when he comes back?” Silverman tweeted on Saturday. “I see him all around. He is this girl. And y’all don’t even see it.”

“The irony of it being most lost on the evangelicals who preach Noah and ark and are so totally blind to it all happening right in front of their eyes,” Silverman said in a follow-up tweet.

Detractors pointed out how Sarah Silverman “joked” in the past that she “hopes the Jews did kill Christ” and said, “I’d do it again, I’d f***ing do it again, in a second.”

Silverman also attacked Christians on Christmas day in 2015 by saying, “Jesus was gender fluid”:

Millionaire rapper TI shouts down Candace Owens when she tries to answer the question “when was America great?”

She also said Jesus “was a refugee” to push for open borders:

Additionally, she released a sketch in 2014 where she was “visited” by “Jesus Christ” and he told her “fertilized eggs aren’t people.”

After claiming Jesus told her to speak for him, she went on to explain how it’s imperative that Christian support killing babies.

Silverman regularly claims to speak for Jesus as a look at her Twitter timeline reveals.

After Breitbart writer Chris Tomlinson highlighted Silverman’s past comments about killing Jesus and joked that he’d “be a little worried about having her around Greta Thunberg,” Silverman responded saying his joke about her “joke” puts her life in danger.

Silverman repeatedly insulting our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is just a “joke” but critics quoting her blasphemy is a form of violence.

Amazing how that works!

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