Tala Dowlatshahi
March 29, 2010

President Nicolas Sarkozy of France is in the United States this week to meet with President Obama to discuss Afghanistan and pressing global financial issues. His first stop this morning was at Columbia University’s World Leaders Forum. Participants in the Forum meet with academia and students to spark international debate on the world’s most sensitive concerns. The Forum also boasts free expression and an end to censorship.
President Sarkozy previously served as the Minister of Interior and Finance for the government of France.

“In following him, one has the sense that he is more inclined than most to express his views. President Sarkozy is sure to be praised for his determined leadership,” said the head of the Forum in the opening address.

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President Sarkozy highlighted the warm relations between France and the United States. “Through you I am addressing the great people of the United States so that you should understand that Europe and the United States of America must work together. We are your European friends. We in Europe admire you, you need not worry about that,” he added.

Sarkozy emphasized that if Europe and America do not redesign the global financial architecture, then no other alliance will succeed. He highlighted the urgent need for an open discussion on the economic crisis and world economic regulation.

“We can no longer expect a capitalist system where there are no rules, no regulation, no protectionism.”

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