Henry Makow
October 4, 2011

According to Roussel, twelve “oligarchic families” have grown indescribably wealthy by lending “money” to governments at interest. These are the central bankers…

… The whole of modern history can be explained by their farm management practices. Wars are started to increase the debt and cull the herd. The goal is to cull the herd to 500 million and chip the remnant. These families and their henchmen own 80% of the world’s wealth and do nothing useful yet believe the impoverished majority are parasites.

… The world’s major banks are mere proxies for these twelve families who create the money out of nothing. (The banks get their “money” from them.) Greece is the target now but eventually the whole world will be squeezed like an lemon to get this “money” back. (“We will absorb all the wealth of the world,” is how Cecil Rhodes described it to his patron Rothschild.)  

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