The Orange County School Board in Florida currently allows religious groups to distribute religious material, such as Bibles, at public high schools. Atheists sought the same right — to counter the distribution of Bibles — and won. But the school board decided that things had “gotten out of hand” when members of The Satanic Temple recently announced that they wanted to disseminate material on the “philosophy and practice of Satanism.”

The board will vote in the next few months on whether to alter or eliminate the policy. Perhaps ironically, the Satanic Temple will applaud if religious materials are banned because it believes strongly in the separation of church and state.

The Orlando Sentinel story says that at least one Christian group has disseminated Bibles at schools several times– and plans to do it again in January. The Central Florida Freethought Community passed out “atheist materials in 2013 as a protest against Bible distributions.” (The Freedom From Religion Foundation, or FFRF, sued the Orange County School Board in June 2013 after that distribution of atheist material was restricted, but the case was dropped after the district gave permission for all of that material to be distributed.)

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