The Spoof
February 8, 2009

TAMPA-While most Americans were pondering how they might manage to purchase their next quart of milk, the great American gladiatorial clash between butt-slapping, land grabbing, pig tossing corporate-sponsored warriors went on as scheduled. As expected, and despite low interest, the “Hollywood Hoo-yah’s” took that opportunity to spew their Monsanto, Micro-Soft and Pentagon financed propaganda on the intoxicated, if not sleeping, masses.

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Who could forget a fat, ego-bloated has-been like Alec Baldwin (fresh off an Emmy win for best actor in a TV comedy) belittling the real effects television has on the human mind. Or how ’bout the well-dressed cosmopolitan Momma indoctrinated by the the latest article from “REDBOOK” about the myths of that “Magic Elixir” corn syrup. And let’s never forget how our patriotic genitals were aroused by that weak excuse for a rock band Three Doors Down’s “Citizen soldier” as it equated government paid terror teams with government opposed freedom fighters from times past.

Well, at least one man begged to differ: ALEX JONES! Aprised of the latest intelligence on the aforementioned deluge of media mindlessness, Jones went into over-drive to produce three “counter-commercials” that he aired on his network as an alternative to the main-stream “Super Bowl” coverage of the event.

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