January 4, 2012

On the Infowars Nightly News today, Cobra Commander will announce his run for the office of supreme leader and will lavishly detail his outstanding record – endless war, torture, secret arrests, and a continuation of the jackhammer effect on the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

News covered on this evening’s show:

A pharma lab is slapped with meager fines over vaccine tests that have killed 14 babies.

CNN’s brazen attempt to shut down a live feed of a soldier talking about his plan to vote for Ron Paul.

A report that admits the plain truth – Ron Paul may have secretly won the Iowa caucus.

Paul’s takedown of the scurrilous neocon and unrepentant globalist Newt Gingrich.

An amazing high-tech plane built to soar above the clouds — on Saturn’s mysterious moon Titan.

The unconscionable European Union plan to slap a VAT tax on food.

The dead herring mystery: thousands of dead fish that have washed up on a Norwegian beach.

The increasing robbery of commuters as they pay around a fifth of their wages on rail fares that have soared lately by 11%.

And finally the arrogance of Obama, who declares that he does not need the NDAA to secretly arrest and detain American citizens.

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