A video that has gone viral on Twitter shows a fashion show in Saudi Arabia relying on drones to fly outfits because female models aren’t allowed.

The video has received almost 2.7 million views since being posted yesterday.

The clip shows dresses affixed to coat hangers being whizzed across the room by a small drone.

“I’m dying at this fashion show in Saudi they weren’t allowed female models,” the woman who uploaded the clip commented.

Twitter respondents ridiculed the video, joking that it showed a “ghost fashion show”.

“Saudi Arabia, where drones have more rights than women,” wrote another.

Last month, Saudi Arabia held its first ever fashion week, although male audience members were banned and male designers were banned from going backstage

Saudi Arabia’s strict modesty culture also clashed with western ideals earlier this year when the WWE was forced to exclude female wrestlers from its show in the Gulf country.

After receiving abuse online, the woman who posted the “ghost fashion show” clip was forced to explain that she was a Muslim and therefore was not being “Islamophobic”.

“I am NOT making fun of Saudi Arabia, I just find the video amusing, as do many of you,” she added.

One wonders whether feminist groups will be angered by this patriarchal assault on female empowerment.

Don’t hold your breath.


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