Editor’s Note: What the US-UK and its new point man in the Middle East – Qatar, are organizing is nothing less than a long proxy war in Syria designed to topple the Assad regime and create maximum destabilization in the region for the next 2-5 years, after which time Iran will be soft enough to engage. If the UN was a genuine international arbitratory of diplomacy, then it would have to recognize that Washington and London are involved in an aggressive criminal enterprise in Syria – but they won’t. The globalists will simply blame the UN as ‘a weak, outdated institution’ should WWIII break out, replacing the UN with a more tryranical, militarized form world government. One can now see clearly how the geopolitical board is now being run openly in much the same fashion as mafia and gangs run their respective territories.

Karen DeYoung
Washington Post
March 2, 2012

Arab plans to arm Syria’s opposition fighters are threatening to overtake the cautious approach advocated by the United States and other countries, which fear that sending weapons to the region could fuel a civil war and lead to a regional conflagration.

Saudi Arabia and Qatar indicated this week that they are prepared to help Syrian opposition military forces. Kuwait’s parliament passed a nonbinding resolution Thursday calling for the government to provide weapons to the rebels and break ties with Damascus.

The Syrian National Council, the opposition group previously committed to nonviolence, announced the formation of a “defense ministry” that it said would unify rebel forces under a central political command and direct strategy. “The revolution started peacefully and kept up its peaceful nature for months,” SNC President Burhan Ghalioun told reporters in Paris, “but the reality today is different.”

… “It’s not clear to us that arming people right now will either save lives or lead to the demise of Assad’s regime,” Assistant Secretary of State Jeffrey D. Feltman said at a Senate hearing on the crisis Thursday.

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